Slower traffic keep right

Slower traffic keep right means those cars that are going under the maximum speed limit but above minimum speed limit should use the right lane. If you are going above the maximum speed limit, you are breaking the law and have no rights to the left or right lane.

How is it arguable that if you are breaking the law that you have any right to be frustrated with cars obeying the law?

temp trucks

For example, two semi-trucks are driving down the road. One is going 70 MPH, the other is going 70.68 MPH. The difference in the distance they travel is about 1 foot per second. Given that a typical dry van semi trailer is 53′ long, lets use a 71′ number for the tractor and trailer length.

When driving I believe I was taught you should leave two car lengths in between vehicles as a rule, but people are guided to use one car length. Thus, it would take about 80-142 seconds for that semi to pass the other.

People get frustrated when they are stuck for this moment, myself included. But if we timed it, we would likely find that the amount of stress we put on ourselves is not only irrational, but that stress impacts our life longer than it takes us to deal with this fleeting moment. We would be better off not stressing out over it. Changing this behavior  is extremely difficult. While ranting about driving, the zipper effect and round-a-bouts vs stop signs also come to mind.


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